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At Silver Lining Restoration, we specialize in making sure your home or business is running energy efficient and smooth.  We make it our goal to make sure you save on all your heating and cooling costs for a lifetime.  Offering quality products,  free estimates, 

competitive pricing, multiple forms of financing, timely professional service., and many satisfied customers, what more can be expected from a company?

Please call us at 877-938-0788 for a free energy audit and a friendly, no obligation quote.

Angies List recently awarded with the Super Serivce Award for extraordinary quality of work practices, customer service, ratings & reviews, and overall value. 

Replacement Windows

Double pane energy efficient insulated-glass is standard on all replacement windows Silver Lining Restoration installs in Southern California!  There’s a great deal of technology that goes into producing quality double pane insulated glass. Here’s how the process works and why it’s so important.

The term “insulated glass” is commonly used in the window industry.  By itself, glass is an extremely poor insulator.  Cold and heat easily pass through a single pane of glass.  Insulated glass refers to 2 panes of glass that are hermetically sealed together by a spacer at the perimeter, creating a sealed dead-air space between the 2 panes.

Superior spacer systems prevent the heat and cold to transfer from the outside pane of glass to the inboard pane.  This reduction in transfer of temperature is often called “warm edge” technology.

At Silver Living Restoration, we start with great Low-E glass to reflect the suns damaging rays.  Next, we seal 2 panes of this great glass into a single insulated unit that’s hermetically sealed for maximum insulation.  Why do we go to such measures with our windows?  It really does mean something when we say that our windows make some of the most efficient replacement windows in the world!

Retrofit Double Pane Low E Vinyl Windows  

Automatic Self-Lock  

Color Coat painted Vinyl 

(Exterior Only) (Select colors only)l

White or Almond Available

Energy Efficient Glass

Argon Gas Filled

Accidental Glass Breakage

Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

Radiant Barrier

Heat travels using conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is direct transfer of heat through materials, while convection transfers heat via moving air and radiation transfer heat through space, much like light. Radiant barriers act like a mirror, reflecting thermal radiation.

Other Products We Offer

Quietcool Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are not new! They have been around since the 1950’s, and they do exactly what they claim to do; move a lot of air! Whole house fans were first used as an inexpensive way to ventilate a home, cool it down, and save money; instead of turning on the air conditioning unit — which uses a lot of electricity, which costs a lot of money — whole house fans were designed as an alternative to A/C.


Some types of roofing may be better suited for your house than others. Factors such as the slope of the roof and strength of the framing could limit your choices. In areas prone to wildfires or hurricanes, look for a product with a high fire rating or good wind resistance. In addition, steps can be taken during the installation of many types of roofing to improve their resistance to fire or wind.


When it's time to install a new furnace, central air conditioner or other type of whole-house heating or cooling unit, we invite you to schedule a free at-home consultation with our cooling experts. We will explain your options, so you can choose the HVAC unit that's right for your house and budget.  We are committed to your satisfaction. 

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